Lectio Divina moves between moments of silence and of sharing aloud around a passage from the Bible.


Anyone can take part, regardless of age, culture or belief.


Each participant is actively involved in Lectio Divina. All people involved speak freely without fear of being judged.

Online allows people to take part in Lectio Divina online via skype.

Lectio Divina takes on many forms, just as the people who take part shape the experience. That said, we would like to point you the following pages which set out the foundations which you should follow so that everyone is on the same page. We hope that the following Q&A pages help with this.

Bible ouverte 

Lectio divina or “divine reading” is a meditative way to read the bible as old as the Church. It has deep roots in the Old Testament (see the article in French by Martin Hoegger on the subject by clicking here).

Those taking part read a passage of Scripture for a number of times. This enables the Scripture to become your own. In this way, Scripture makes a profound impact on you and can transform you spiritually. To take part there needs to be a time of silence so you can listen to the passage fully. As a group, it also involves a time to share what the passage has shown each person taking part.

After selecting a passage, which would normally be a few verses from the Bible, lectio divina is introduced with a prayer where we invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us through the biblical text.

A first reading is takes place. This is followed by 10 minutes of silence where participants are invited to answer the question : "What does this passage say in itself ?" Participants write their thoughts and are then invited to share the 3 points that seem most important to them, in a concise way and for a starting point.

Then, a second reading takes place. Participants enter a new 10-minute period of silence. The group reflects and writes, asking, "What are these verses telling me ?" Again, time is set aside for each person to share for up to 3 points each.

Lectio divina time concludes with a third reading and a third time of silence of several minutes where those taking part are invited to respond to the passage by writing a prayer. Those who would like to, can say their prayer out loud. The facilitator will briefly conclude with a prayer of thanks or another suitable way to finish the lectio divina.

Méditation autour d'une table

We feel that the most suitable length for lectio divina is between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The duration will depend on the group facilitator and the number of people taking part.

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We follow three basic principles :

  • Participants are invited to speak for themselves and own their contribution. We avoid generalisations such as ‘people say’ or ‘the church says’ and use words like ‘I see, I now understand or I am thinking about…’.
  • Please don’t have a reaction to what others say; resist speaking back immediately, you don’t need to agree with anyone and you shouldn’t argue back. Lectio Divina is not a traditional Bible study. Every contribution is of value in itself, whether it is an unanswered question or even a rejection of what is written.
  • Try to put forward one thread of thinking at a time and be concise. You can, of course, speak up several times but this will hinder your own inner thinking.

Lectio divina is a group experience. It is not a place for debate but for listening and sharing. The challenge is to let God speak to us… through one another, for me myself or for someone else. The facilitator will ensure that everyone can express themselves freely without fear of being challenged or contradicted.

Lectio Divina is a simple model that can be reproduced. Lectio Divina does not need someone with 5 years of theological training to make this happen. Do it with your friends, with your family, with your network or via skype.

Animateur Lectio Divina 
Lectio Divina par Skype

You need to have :

  • a skype account
  • a computer, a microphone, speakers and a broadband internet connection
  • an account with

You will be able to register for the lectio divina online which is most suitable for you. You will be sent the contact details of the facilitator. Once done, you can log onto skype when the group is starting to meet online.

Facilitator's sheet

Download the facilitator's sheet here
(To accompany you in your first animations of lectio divina).

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